Sumukha Electro Platers a super market for all your plating needs.

We are Specialized in Zinc plating with trivalent blue, yellow,green and black passivation with optional Anti finger top coats for various special export requirements

Established in the year 1998 by a professional team of enterprenuers
SUMUKHA ELECTROPLATERS has attained its position as the largest alkali zinc plating facility in the whole of south india with over 35000 litres of alkali zinc plating solution and unparalled quality record with reliable consistency.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 small scale industry in the heart of peenya industrial estate with an excellent workforce of over a 100 smart working people.

We have facility to plate alkali zinc with any trivalent passivation and optional anti finger topcoat,dull or bright tin with optional anti tarnish topcoat,alkali or acid copper,nickle,chrome,silver,clear chromotizing and clear anodizing on various substrates like all steels including stainless steel,copper,aluminium,brass,graphite and Abs plastics meeting any standards like IS,ASTM,ROHS,JIL,MIL or ELV.

our wide range of bath sizes,flexible manual rack system with wide variety of jigs allows us to handle large volumes,long lengths and fully assembled bulky components meeting global standards.

We control and maintain all our process parameters with a fully equipped inhouse lab facility to analyse our bath solutions and also check the plating thickness and adhesion strength.

We Cross check the life of all components by regularly conducting neutral salt spray test on random samples of all components.

We provide knowledeable technical assistance to earn the trust and confidence of our business partners.

We support our customers by providing consistent quality and and round the clock services to achieve a partnership relation and team spirit.
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