Sumukha Electro Platers a super market for all your plating needs.

We are Specialized in Zinc plating with trivalent blue, yellow,green and black passivation with optional Anti finger top coats for various special export requirements

Sumukha electroplaters is a company established in the year 1998 by a team of technocrats pioneering in the field of electroplating.

We are an ISO 9001;2008 company with a strength of over a 100 dedicated people trained under our personel care for handling small and very large assembled components with great care.

We are catering to a large base of fortune 500 companies from various fields including automobiles,electrical,electronics,aerospace,agricultural equipment,telecommunications,defence and food processing industry.

We can plate all small and large parts with specilization in large bulky fully assembled parts.

We have a full controll on our process to deliver plating of zinc,tin,copper,nickle,chrome,clear chromitizing and clear anodizing on a wide varieties of subtrates including all steels,aluminium,copper,zinc alloys,brass graphite and Abs plastics meeting international standards.
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